Project Cornerstone Archives and Previous Events

2019 Asset Champions Awards Breakfast

Project Cornerstone's Annual Breakfast Fundraiser on Thursday, March 28 - Celebrating 20 years of helping youth thrive!

Graham, along with 900 other Project Cornerstone supporters enjoyed breakfast together and celebrated along side other schools in our district.

2018 Graham’s Positive Poster Showcase - Prizes can be picked up at the office

Thank you to all of the students who participated in Graham’s Positive Poster Showcase. The project was sponsored by Graham’s PTA, Project Cornerstone and The Lounge. We had 71 students submit entries that depicted something positive or inspiring. Each student who participated will receive a thank you note and a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Participants should stop by the office to check if they're on the list and pick up their prize.

Postive Poster Participants

Aaron R, Aaron B, Alexa C, Amir R, Ana O, Ari S, Ashley C, Atulya W, Austin K, Axel A, Berenice M, Eric G, Bryan M, Camila L, Carlos P, Diego F, Dmitry E, Dmitry V, Dmytro M, Dulce M, Edwin S, Filberto R, Francisco M, Fredy M, Gloria V, Haruki I, Iliana A, Ingrid H, Isaac P, Isabella P, Ivan P, Jair FM, Jose E, Karen S, Kimberly G, Lindsey M, Litzy C, Litzy L, Litzy G, Luis R, Luise H, Margarita G, Maria C, Marialy C, Marie Cruz, Maritza M, Markus D, Matthew C, Max T, Maximiliano R, Miguel G, Noah B, Nodira S, Oleh C, Olivia B, Prakash T, Quinn M, Raphael N, Ricardo C, Rosa R, Roshni J, Sophia O, Tai L, Tessa H, Tunan Z, Yadhira C, Yulieth R, Zuly A

THANK YOU for helping to create a positive environment at Graham!

2018 Project Cornerstone Goals

2018 Asset Champions Awards Breakfast

The 2018 Project Cornerstone's Asset Champions Awards Breakfast celebrating "The Power of Moments" was held on Thursday, March 29. Congratulations to Graham for being a 2018 Award Nominee and to Kim Thompson for receiving a 2018 UPstander dedication.

It was wonderful to see so many from our Mountain View and Los Altos elementary and middle schools coming together to honor volunteers and organizations that help our youth thrive.

Project Cornerstone reminds us that building assets is “the accumulation of thousands of moments in life in which a young person is valued, respected and known." Let's continue to take the time to create moments where students are seen and appreciated in our schools and community.

2017 Asset Champions Awards Breakfast

On Friday, March 24, a group from Graham joined over 1200 attendees at Project Cornerstone's Annual Asset Champions Awards Breakfast at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Our group consisted of administrators, students from Graham's JBN (Just Be Nice) Club, their advisor, Heidi Galassi and Project Cornerstone parent supporters. Ruby Bridges (the first African-American child to attend an all-white public elementary school) was the keynote speaker and shared her powerful story. Jan Austin, Graham's office clerk who passed away on Dec. 30, 2016 received an UPstander dedication and was honored with a moment of silence.

Here is the Upstander Pledge.

Project Cornerstone’s Middle School Summit 2016

Mrs. Thompson and 6th grade math teacher, Ms. Galassi spoke at Project Cornerstone’s Middle School Summit on Jan. 11 at the Santa Clara County of Education (attended by 65 adults and youth who shared tips and strategies for creating safer and more caring schools). Mrs. Thompson spoke about strengthening the home and school relationship and Ms. Galassi talked about relationship building in the classroom.

The annual middle school summit is designed to learn what other middle schools are doing to intentionally build assets! Our theme this year was - RELATIONSHIP building! A great team from Graham attended that night including Joey, Adriana, Maribel, Lisset, Laura, Annett, Allison, Kim and Heidi.

Please also check out the JBN (Just Be Nice) Club/Project Cornerstone video created by Laura.

Graham Receives Project Cornerstone's Caring School Climate Award 2015

Congratulations to Graham for receiving Project Cornerstone’s Caring School Climate Award for 2015.

Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Chesley celebrated with about 900 other Project Cornerstone supporters at the Annual Champions breakfast, held in 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.